Book tatkal tickets in a jiffy through app

Chennai: K Anandan, a marketing executive with a Chennai-based pharmaceutical company, is now a lot relaxed thanks to railway authorities who have introduced a mobile app that can book tatkal ticket in about 50 seconds.

Frequent travellers like him are forced to book tatkal tickets as their busy official schedules prevent them from reaching passenger reservation counters on time. Booking tatkal ticket is not an easy task many a time. But now the booking is going to be less of a hassle as the railway authorities have introduced a mobile app – Rail Connect – which will enable a passenger to book a tatkal ticket in double quick time.

A senior official from Southern Railway said all one needs is a Paytm eWallet and high-speed Internet and this app. The special feature of this app is that it enables the user to book tatkal tickets in as less as 50 seconds. An IRCTC personnel said booking is now possible in 50 seconds as there is no need to fill any payment details if the app is pre-loaded with funds.

Rail Connect was launched in January this year and it is heard that railways has enabled its passengers to book even sleeper class tickets now. The app has another advantage, say sources. The restriction on booking tatkal railway tickets has been removed, which means booking tatkal tickets is possible anytime with this app.

Earlier, online tatkal bookings was from 10 am to 10.30 am for AC classes and 11 am to 11.30 am for sleeper class. This was done to make things easier for people who wished to buy tickets over the counter; but now this has been removed.

A senior railway personnel said the app would reduce queues at railway reservation counters. Subsequently, the department can save some money by reducing the personnel manning these counters. “Even if you are to book tickets in the last minute on a mobile phone, chances of getting them are higher”, said G Naveen Kumar, a passenger at Egmore station.

“If I am asked to travel for a conference in the last minute I need not worry”, he said. However not all travellers welcome this measure like Naveen Kumar. Many of them News Today spoke to at a couple of railway stations in Chennai did not feel comfortable with the app.

K Rammohan, a passenger from Chennai Egmore – Kacheguda Express felt this app will prove useful only for tech-savvy passengers. Only those who are aware of technology and comfortable using it can reap benefi ts, he said. Agreeing with him, M Preetha Banerjee, a passenger at Central station, said enabling purchase of train tickets online has reduced ticket availability at reservation counters where people not comfortable with technology mostly go to. Enabling tatkal ticket purchase on mobile platform will further reduce availability, she pointed out.


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