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Chennai: There are not many joints in the city which offer succulent burgers at pocket-friendly prices. Shivas Burger Joint in Aminjikarai, however, serves tasty burgers at affordable rates. Started by long time buddies Shiva and Deepak, this small joint has become an instant hit among the locals and students. Unlike other burgers, where the patty is precooked and refrigerated, everything at Shiva’s joint is done fresh.

“We have eaten a lot of burgers and found that none of them were appetizing and tasty. Many burgers lacked the softness in their buns, some of the patties are not juicy and some were over-flooded with toppings. After doing some research we decided to open this venture. Everything here is homemade, from the mayo to the sauces and the patty. Even our ice-cream is homemade. Our taste is unique,” said Deepak, co-owner and chef.

The menu is small and simple with only 30 dishes to choose from. But the taste is abundant. Their speciality are BBQ and in-house special Shiva’s burger. The place also serve sandwiches. There is something for vegetarians too.

“I stumbled onto this place while walking by. I was hungry and hence tried the food here. Now, whenever I crave for burgers, I come here. The homemade mayonnaise makes the burger different. It is so tasty, that i always end up taking some home,” said Jefferson, a foodie.

Now, what is their secret? The duo really keep their recipe a secret. Both the chefs use simple ingredients and create a masterpiece. “Their special burger is the best rated in the city. There are only few places in Chennai where food standard is maintained as the restaurant becomes popular. Their products are organic, their vegetables, eggs and milk come directly from farmers who do not adulterate their produce,” added Jefferson. Shivas joint is filling and taste is sure to bring you back for more.


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