April 11, 2017

Masters of the game

Thirumangalam, in an ironic defiance of its pleasant sounding name, turned out to be most inauspicious for TN’s already fouled poll politics. The by-election, buy-election rather, held there in Jan ‘09 under the auspices, not of EC, but Alagiri, sparked a decisive plunge to the depths in voter bribery. R K Nagar today, in 2017, is the latest, lethal but not the last milestone in TN’s twisted, treacherous highway to

A Talk aloud

When there is nothing to write or no inclination to write on anything, best is to write about oneself. Not an autobiography but the prevailing mood placed on auto-pilot. A narcissistic verbal trip is a nice indulgence, if passed off as common musings. Politicos and public personalities routinely do it albeit without exposing themselves. Beneath the ink-deep surface of most news lie a popular ego, waiting to be tickled. You

'Power of Attorney' politics

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Arterial junction in Chennai needs illumination

Chennai: Kellys junction is an important spot which is always crowded. Road-users allege that such an important spot is left with poor illumination. ‘This causes inconvenience to the public as they move in dim light,’ says Anandan, a resident of Brandson Garden Road. “‘The lamp post has provision for three bulbs but only one is working. The other two bulbs are missing. The area houses schools in addition to being

Adi Dravidar school kids make it big in sports

Chennai: The Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu conducted sports meet for the students of Adi Dravidar schools at Nehru Stadium in the city recently. In this event, children of Adi Dravidar schools from Pulianthope and Kannikapuram won the championship. Speaking to News Today, officials of Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu said the sports meet was an annual affair. This year, football and kabaddi were held. In the football match for

MMC Prof denies settling Vijayabaskar's hotel bills

Chennai: With the ongoing Income-Tax raids at the homes and properties of several bigwigs in Chennai, Dr P Balaji, Professor and Head of the Department of Minimal Access Surgery, Madras Medical College, Government General Hospital, denies that he had settled the hotel bills of Health Minister C Vijayabaskar. In a statement here today, he said several newspapers and other media had alleged that he had settled the hotel bills of