Women are showstealers in Rajini's 'Kaala'

By Balasubramani Muniyandi Published on Jun 08, 2018 07:00 PM IST

Eswari Rao

Post Kaala's release, there has been a strong debate whether it is Ranjith's  movie or Rajini's. However, what caught my attention the most in the movie was the way women characters were portrayed.

Right from Kalaiyarasi in Madras to Kumudhavalli in Kabali,  Ranjith has given a strong characterisation to his female leads.

Kaala is no exception, every character in the movie has something to convey.  But the dialogues from the female characters were so strong that they left an impact. It was not Rajini who had the punch dialogues in the movie but the female characters.

Right from the girl who plays the granddaughter of Nana Patekar to Eswari  Rao who plays Kaala's wife, they have all left a mark.


When Nana Patekar asks his young granddaughter to fall at the feet of Rajini to seek his blessings, she is prevented from doing so by the hero. Instead, he asks her to just say 'Namaste'. The gleeful girl does just that and goes straight to her grandfather. She whispers in his ear, "Dadu, he seems to be a nice person, dont't kill him." This scene shows how happy the little one felt not falling at someone's feet.

Anjali Patil

Anjali Patil

With the character name PuyalAnjali Patil who plays the lover of Kaala's  younger son Lenin, is shown as a revolutionary. She never hesitates to voice out her opinion in front of anyone. Right in the opening scene, where she slaps a guy and utters the dialogue, "Engalukku poradavum theriyumadikkavum  theriyum." In one scene, when she is stripped of  her trousers by the cops, she is left with the option of either choosing her trousers or a stick. She prefers the stick and bashes the police. That decision of preferring rights over her honour was appreciated and welcomed by the audience with a roar of approval.

Eswari Rao

Kaala's wife - who marries him after he had a love failure - is the only person Kaala is afraid of. It is the love that she showers on her husband and the way she tends to their children that is the biggest strength of the don. She is not your cliched wife of a 'rowdy hero' who is fair skinned and teary-eyed when the hero is beaten up. Instead, she is dusky and shows character. When Rajini is beaten up by the cop and returns to his house with Eswari in a car, she does not panic about his injuries, instead, she has a casual chat with him. She interacts with her husband in a casual way and also loves him unconditionally. The scene where she asks Kaala to book her a ticket to Tirunelveli for her to meet her ex-lover are all signs of equality.

Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi

 Kaala's ex-lover is foreign returned and a single mother who does not hesitate to tell that to the hero or the villain. There is one instance where Rajini calls her 'Lusu' but she retaliates sharply and says that she knows who she is. She hesitates to fall at the feet of the villain. In another scene, when it is payback time, she makes him shake hands with her, and declares, "Kai kuduthu pazhagunga. Athuthan equality, kaalula vizhurathilla."

It is not just the female lead roles that have been given strong  characterisation  even the women who come for just one scene make an impact.

* After the death of her husband, Selva's wife tells Rajini that one more life should not be lost and she will be by his side always. She is supported by the wife of the first son of Rajini.

* In one scene where a gun is pointed at Rajini by a cop, it is a woman who dares the cop to shoot, and says 'Suttuduviya nee? Suttuttu uyiroda veliya poiduviya nee?'

* When it comes to raising the issue of problems of the locality, it is again women who raise their voice first.

* The dialogue of a women about how she met her husband near a public toilet, and how another woman rues, "Veetukulla Kaiya pudikavey edam illa, idhula  enga irundhu mutham" are all etched in the memory of the audience.