When will Kamal Haasan decide which is his last film?

Kamal Haasan at the media conference in Chennai today.

Chennai: Cinema is my profession. I should decide what should be my last film. Once I have a responsibility (as a legislator or more), it is me who should take a call, says actor-politician Kamal Haasan.

Speaking to 'News Today',  Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal said,  "'Vishwaroopam 2'  is both a prequel and sequel.  It speaks about a Kashmiri  Indian soldier and his patriotism.  Everyone has a responsibility and  no external pressure should influence it. He has to decide on his own."

"We wanted to come out with two parts for 'Vishwaroopam'.  When Kambar  wrote  'Ramayana', he  was  clear  how  it  should  come.  Similarly,  'Vishwaroopam ' was   written  as  one  but  made  in  two  parts.  The  delay  in  its release pained me. The whole crew who worked for the second part was disappointed.  But  various  reasons  led  to  its  delay.  Eventually,  'Vishwaroopam  2'  will be out 10 August," he explained.

"'Vishwaroopam' was supposed to be made before 'Dasavatharam'.  It was in the mind for long. I feel it's better late than never," he added.

Asked about the criticism that part one of 'Vishwaroopam' was pro-American, the actor said, "It  was  not  so.  It  even  spoke  against  US  forces bombing civilian areas in  Afghanistan.  It  speaks  about  an  Indian  spy and his heroics."

Asked whether the fans coming to watch 'Vishwaroopam 2'   will  be  divided  along party lines as he had entered politics, Kamal Haasan said, "People  will  come in large numbers. They know to differentiate between cinema and politics. So do I."

Action scenes were the highlight of Vishwaroopam. We have tried to go a step further in the second part, adds Kamal Haasan.

He said his comments during protests against Vishwaroopam was misinterpreted by  many.  Kamal  observed that he had stated that he would  leave Tamilnadu if his artistic freedom was curtailed.  Such an act would be a  shame on the authorities here, he clarified. This was what I meant by my statement then, explained Kamal Haasan.

When part one of the movie was released, I knew the protests it would face.

But people are mature and they know what will be told in a sequel. I know there won't be any such protests now, he added.

As far as 'Indian 2'  is concerned, when filmmaker Shankar says he is ready,  we will begin the shoot, he said.

On his long-pending project 'Sabaash Naidu', Kamal Haasan said, "Almost  40 per cent of the movie is complete. Will start the next schedule soon."



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