Web series 'Kallachirippu' is about infidelity

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Jul 24, 2018 02:33 PM IST

Exploring a content that is unexplorable for cinema is the beauty of web-series. Without any influence of censor boards and with lesser limitations, ZEE5 and Karthik Subburaj's Stonebench Creations jointly have come up with ‘Kallachirippu’. Starring Amrutha Srinivasan in the lead, the series is directed by Roju.

‘Kallachirippu’ is about the extramarital affair of a woman and her inner emotions, which leads her accidentally killing her husband.

The entire story revolves around Amrutha. From the very scene where she is forced to marry, the restraints that women have in the society and her own family is elaborated in an intricate fashion.

The narration sets off from her wedding and immediately jumps to 181st day after marriage.

From there we see a non-linear and trenchant storytelling. It goes in such a way that an altercation or a dialogue that appears after the marriage has a link with an incident that occurred before marriage. Despite the seriousness of the plot and narration, which is already engaging, ‘Kallachirippu’ also has an undercurrent humorous tone.

Condom is referred as ‘thoppi’ and the dialogue “Ava ennaya appa nu kooptaa?” appears in the middle of serious sequences.

Also, the entire conversation before the lovemaking between the female lead and her lover is figurative, eventually making it humourous.

The first two episodes of ‘Kallachirippu’ were screened at the launch event held in Chennai on Monday night.

The whole season is available in ZEE5 platform. Post-launch, renowned film personalities commented on the making of the series.

Filmmaker Ram said, “It seems that digital platform will have domination of women like men in cinema. It is a good sign.”

Similarly, director-duo Pushkar-Gayathri said, “We have been following digital content since its inception. We believe they are the future of entertainment.”

They also sarcastically noted cinema too will stay or at least leave it to survive.