Up close with 'Junga' hero Vijay Sethupathi

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Jul 20, 2018 11:13 AM IST

An actor passionate to be part of varied themes, Vijay Sethupathi eagerly awaits the release of his production venture 'Junga' on 27 July.

Directed by Gokul, the light-hearted fare stars Sayeesha as heroine. A major portion of the movie was shot abroad.

Says Vijay Sethupathi, "'Junga' is a fun-filled entertainer. All credit to Gokul. He got the best out of us."

On sharing screen space with Rajinikanth for the Karthik Subbaraj movie, Vijay Sethupathi states, "Rajinikanth is like a university in acting. I feel that I am a student in that varsity. I grew up watching his movies. I am eagerly waiting to start the shoot with him."

Excerpts from his interview:

Q: Tell us about 'Junga' .

A: It is a movie about a funny don. He is a man who never spends money. Situation forces him to go abroad to accomplish a mission. How he does that forms the crux of the story. We shot a major portion of the film in European countries. Sayeesha and Madonna Sebastian play female leads. I thoroughly enjoyed producing the movie.

Q: You are a successful actor. Was it a risk to take up production? 

A: I have no family background in cinema. An actor like me has to take a few risks to establish myself in the industry. When a few people decide what my movie collects and where it should release, I took up this task to disprove them. They should not decide what the audience want. People choose the best.

Q: You are passionate to act in movies with varied themes. How do you choose them? 

A: My role in '96', 'Seedhakadhi' and 'Super Deluxe' are different from each other. I am working on a movie with director Manikandan again after 'Aandavan Kattalai'. It is an interesting film. I choose films if they have scope for me to perform. I am here not to make money but to give the best to the audience.

Q: On sharing screen space with Rajinikanth for Karthik Subbaraj 's film? 

A: I am very happy. But I will treat it like any other film.

Q: Do actors like you demand huge salary? 

A: Everything is based on demand. If your movies fail to collect money at the box office, no producer will approach you.  When you give hit movies, all goes well. But after a flop, they come to you to claim the loss incurred. An actor would love to explore different genres, but market compulsions restrict him.

Q: Do you have political ambitions? 

A: Anybody who wants to serve the people, including actors, can enter politics. I am not keen about politics. It is not my cup of tea. But I feel the need of the hour is to fight casteism that is deep-rooted in our society.

Q: How do you see the opposition to smoking scenes in cinema? 

A: I strongly believe that smoking is injurious to health. But I won't accept the argument that cinema promotes the bad habit. If a character has to be shown smoking for a movie, that cannot be altered. If the script demands it, it has to be shot. Also the audience is very mature. They know the difference between good and bad. A movie or a popular actor cannot influence them to do wrong.