Sayyeshaa shoots without break for 48 hours

Beginning her career in Tamil cinema industry with Vanamagan, actor Sayyeshaa has worked for three Tamil movies with eminent actors and directors back-to-back. News Today caught up with her to know more about her films.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: Tell us about the movies lined up for release.

A: Right now, I’m waiting for the release of three movies. The first film is Ghajinikanth with Arya, it is a complete entertainer. The audio launch of the second film, Kadaikutty Singam took place 11 June. The third film is Junga with Vijay Sethupathy - its a rom-com where I play a modern, rich girl.

Q: How did you select these three films?

A: After Vanamagan, which is my first movie in Tamil, I was conscious about selecting roles. I had a very good role in it, I did not want to take up a role that will put my previous role down. All three characters are very different from each other - be it the looks or acting.

Q: How did you adapt to the role of a village girl in Kadaikutty Singam?

A: As far as acting is concerned, I studied how the village girls behaved and the girls with whom I was working. The biggest challenge was the makeover: I had to tone down four shades darker than my real self and that make-up took around one-and-a-half hours.

Q: Tell us a bit about the directors of the three movies.

A: Having come from a rural background, director Pandiraj sir was very specific when it comes to completing a scene. He would never give his approval until he is satisfied - be it even 50 takes. But, thankfully, the maximum takes I did were not more than eight. The shooting hours were also long, he wanted things to be natural.

Shooting for Ghajinikanth was fun and director Santhosh was so cool. It was more like shooting with friends. Gokul sir has not only played the directorial role in Junga but has also taken a lot of efforts for the production work and had a difficult time in shooting as he donned several hats.

Q: What about the actors?

A: Karthi is a well-balanced person. He is so calm off-screen, but when on-screen he’s a firehouse of talent. He acts naturally and I was consciously taking efforts to be as authentic as he was. He has a good sense of script that he should direct movies some day.

Arya is a very humorous person and his sense of humour energises the set. He is very balanced and can be serious when required and is also large-hearted.

Vijay Sethupathi sir is a natural actor and very spontaneous. If he renders any dialogue that is not mentioned in the script, I should be prepared to react to it.

Q: How did you juggle your time between the three films?

A: I did all the three films at the same time. There were also times when I had back-to-back, double-shift shoots and I did not sleep for 48 hours. But the shooting for Ghajinikanth was over in just 30 days and in-between I had to go to Tenkasi to shoot for Kadaikutty Singam. As far as Junga is concerned, most of the scenes were shot in Austria, Paris, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Q: Are you planning to act in other language movies?

A: I have already done a movie in Telugu and Hindi. When I was shooting for the three films, I got offers from Telugu and Hindi directors which I rejected as I personally hand-picked these three roles in Tamil. It’s not that my focus would shift to other language films because I have created a solid base for myself in Tamil cinema industry and I wouldn’t want to mess that up.

Q: How did you learn Tamil?

A: The scripts and dialogues were very helpful in learning the language. The dialogues will be written in Tanglish and also I had a lot of Tamil-speaking people around me, they helped me learn the language.

Q: What kind of lead roles do you wish to play?

A: I want to play a lead role where more importance is given to dance and apart from that an intense script that is dedicated only to love.

Q: Did you face any issues while shooting Kadaikutty Singam with the other two heroines?

A: There was a clear distinction in our roles, so we did not face any kind of issues. Aaradhana and Priya play the roles of sisters to Karthi in the film, so there wasn’t much of an issue.


Sayyeshaa shoots without break for 48 hours