Savithri is special to me: Keerthy Suresh

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Apr 28, 2018 05:08 PM IST

Chennai: "It is a great pleasure to be part of the bio-pic on veteran actress Savithri. It is a movie to reckon with in my career", says actress Keerthy Suresh.

Speaking to News Today, Keerthy Suresh, said, "I used prosthetic makeup to look like Savithri and it would take minimum four hours to complete. I reduced a few kilos to look young in the early portions of the movie."

Titled Nadigayar Thilagam, the movie releases on 9 May. Besides Keerthy, the movie also has Dulquer Salmaan, Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda in pivotal roles.

Excerpts of her interview

Q: What made you take up this role?

A: Initially, when director Nag Ashwin approached me for the titular role, I was bit hesitant. But, they convinced me to do this and said I would suit it well. Nag Ashwin showed me video clips from Savithri's movies, which he asked me to take as a reference. This gave me a lot of confidence that Nag would nail this and hence I accepted the offer.

Q: What were the movies of Savithri you watched for reference?

A: It is Maaya Bazaar, the one movie that you cannot miss to understand the acting prowess of Savithri. I watched it several times. Because the entire story revolves around Savithri. Apart from that Nag had a collection of lot of video clips. For every emotion , there were a lot of clips of Savithri that I had been watching throughout the shoot.

Q: Tell us about how you transformed yourself as Savithri on screen?

A: When you see the life of Savithri, she had a lot of changes in her physique at different times. She was slim at the beginning of her career and was totally thin in her final days. This indeed was to be shot. So, a lot of camera work had to be done. I reduced a few kilos to look young in the early portions of the movie.

Q: How much of Savithri can we witness in Keerthy Suresh?

A: It is up to the audience to decide this. I have lived the life of the actress from the beginning of her career who reached a peak and lost it all ultimately in no time. I leave it to audience and let them judge.