Sam Khan's Enakkul Oruvan-isque romantic thriller

Chennai: Debutante filmmaker turned actor Sam Khan is confident about his movie Kadhal Mattum Vena which would be a psychological thriller. Speaking about his movie, Sam Khan said, 'It would be something like Enakkul Oruvan, where one person would behave like two different persons in two different periods of time.' Produced by Luckky Studios, film's music is composed by Santhan Anebajagane, while JSK has cranked the camera.

The movie will see Sam Khan, Elizabeth, and Divyaangana Jain in the lead along with Hamida Khatoon, E Ram Doss, Marimuthu, Sankar Narayanan, and Raj Mohan, who play pivotal roles. The movie was entirely shot in Coimbatore and Pondicherry. Sam further claimed this would be the first time in Indian cinema a Ukrainian(Elizabeth) takes the lead in a movie. Having certified with 'A' at the censors, Sam is waiting for a release window.


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