Review: Traffic Ramasamy - Sacrifice & sorrow

Filming biopic of activist like Traffic Ramasamy demands a lot of guts and intense research. The activist has been fighting against the system and corruption in politics. SA Chandarshekar starrer Traffic Ramasamy by debutante filmmaker Vicky shows the unknown story of Ramasamy's personal life and the struggles that he faced to achieve his mission.

The man, who has been seen as an activist by people and a joker by the authorities, has undergone a series of struggle and physical pains. With the front end of his life being so litigation-filled, the other side is totally unknown. And so, the plot of this movie tries to bring that out into the light.

Vicky reads through the book 'One Man Army' that details a portion of Ramasamy's life. One feels that the movie could have had more details and more cases that were dealt with by a man for whom filing Public Interest Litigation at courts is a habit. When it comes to emotions, Vicky has tried to capture the family drama that happened after every assault or attack on Ramasamy.

Chandrashekar as Traffic Ramasamy does full justice to the role. He brings out the hardship that Ramaswamy underwent through his portrayal.

Rohini as his wife Rukku has a neat role to do who wants to standby, every time when Ramasamy comes home with wounds and injuries. The movie has a lot of cameos including Vijay Sethupathi, Seeman, Vijay Antony and Prakash Raj. Everyone have a part to do.

On a serious plot like Traffic Ramasamy's life, adding humour elements and commercial elements seem to have a selling point for a movie. But, too much of commercialism like a clownish dancing judge, AK47 shootout in a courtroom makes Traffic Ramasamy amateur. If Vicky had made the screenplay more tight, Traffic Ramasamy could have been more crisp and emotional to watch.


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