Review: Thamizh Padam 2 - Spoonful of spoofs

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Jul 12, 2018 12:03 PM IST

At a time when memes and trolls are the order of the day on social media, to come out with a similar work on the big screen that runs for over two hours is a tough task.

Eight years ago, when C S Amudhan came out with Thamizh Padam, it caught the admiration of many. Spoofs and trolls were in the nascent stage then.

Cut to present, everything and anything is mocked. In such a difficult scenario, Amudhan is back with a sequel to Thamizh Padam, where he retains the essence but has spiced it up with more masala to add fresh flavour.

And he wins the battle comfortably as he spoofs contemporary cinema and politics thanks to actor Shiva's presence. His expressions and delivery of lines without flinching come very handy.

As an undercover agent, his escapades to finish off an underworld don forms the crux of the story.

The writer in Amudhan deserves special mention for he doesn't take pains to explain all the cliches again and again. He lets the audience delve into their cinematic memory and identify them all.

In their journey, both Amudhan and Shiva don't spare anyone. From the Superstar to up-and-coming heroes, from politicians to Prime Minister, Baahubali to Kabali, everyone finds a funny mention in the script.

A comedy drama in Tamil cinema doesn't need the audience to use their brains, whereas Thamizh Padam 2, for spoofing cinematic cliches, needs an intense watch to appreciate all the effort that has gone into its making.

The sequel begins from where the first part ends. Shiva is compelled to join the police department to put an end to a dreaded don P (Sathish). The don comes in all familiar get-ups of popular villains in Tamil cinema.

Shiva takes a leaf out of over-the-top sequences from earlier movies and accomplishes his mission in a serious, comical way. Amudhan has added more humour and makes every scene look like a meme by itself. This formula of his is the hallmark of the movie.

It takes guts to touch popular names in Tamilnadu and spoof them. Shiva appears all through, as he, in his own style, brings out the several mass heroes of Tamil cinema before the eyes of the audience.

Aishwarya Menon plays his ladylove. Sathish appears in various get-ups as a comical baddie.

Kannan's music is a hoot especially Nan Yarumillai... Suresh's pacy editing ensures the running time to little more than two hours and no momentum is lost.

With enough content to rip off the last eight years of movies/events, Thamizh Padam sequel promises plenty of laughter. Fun unlimited.