Review: Mr Chandramouli - Appa tale

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Jul 06, 2018 05:50 PM IST

Movies on mother-son bonding are regular in Tamil cinema. Steering away from the regular route is director Thiru. His Mr Chandamouli speaks about a dotting father whose world is his son.

The film that begins as family fare turns into a revenge drama with plenty of action towards the end.

Produced by Dhananjayan, the movie boasts of big names. Besides Karthick and Gautham Karthick, there are Regina Cassandra, Varalakshmi, Mime Gopi, Sathish and Santosh Prathap among others.

Karthick, who made popular the name Chandramouli in Mouna Ragam, returns to play the title role - Chandramouli. A single dad who loves his antique car and old mobile, he pours abundant love on his son Gautham Karthick, a professional boxer.

There is Regina who falls for Gautham Karthick. All things go well when a tragedy strikes their life. A professional rivalry between two call-taxi operators results in Karthick's death.

Gautham mistakes it to be a natural death until his dad's friend (Agathiyan) reveals the details behind Karthick's demise. The revenge drama begins.

Karthick is fresh and cool and plays his part well. He is the pivot around whom the whole movie revolves. His onscreen chemistry with Gautham is good.

Regina oozes glamour and plays a typical heroine who helps her beloved in the revenge drama. Sathish comes up with one-liners in the first half and disappears towards the latter part of the film.

Gautham Karthick as an adorable son has plenty to offer. He has romance, action and emotion to show. The scene stealer is Varalakshmi Sarathkumar in a complex character. And bravo, she does it well.

Music by Sam C S has a few catchy numbers while the BGM is good. Thiru's writing deserves special mention as he ensures the twists and momentum are not lost till the end.

With enough detailing about professional rivalry between two business houses, he manages to come out with an engaging entertainer.