Review: Kutram 23 - A taut thriller

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Mar 03, 2017 04:34 PM IST

After a surprise show as baddie Victor in Yennai Arindhaal, Arun Vijay is back in khakhi uniform in Kutram 23.

This time he plays an upright police officer, who fights for a cause. A medical thriller directed by Eeram-fame Arivazhagan, the movie has story by crime novel writer Rajesh Kumar.

Arun Vijay plays Vetrimaran, an IPS officer on a mission. The actor has worked hard to fit the role. His body language and dialogue delivery suit the character. Playing his partner in the movie is Mahima Nambiar. Abhinaya and Thambi Ramaiah play key roles while music is b y Vishal Chandrasekar.

Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay) is a sincere cop and he is entrusted with the job of cracking the killing of a popular TV channel owner’s wife. He goes about his job in his own style and the sequence of events unfolds showing that her is death due to an illegal practice that is being followed in the medical field.

Why she dies and who were behind her killing forms the rest of the script. The movie makes interesting watch for there are enough twists and turns.

Nowhere is the momentum lost thanks to gripping writing by Rajesh Kumar and screenplay by Arivazhagan. Arun Vijay is the flesh and blood of the movie. He has delivered the role with a punch, while Mahima Nambiar suits her character well. The rest of the cast is adequate.

Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music is good, while BGM adds pep to the proceedings. There are a few intriguing moments in the movie and the excitement doesn’t die till the climax. With no dull moments, Kutram 23, thanks to good writing, is interesting fare.