Review: Kanavu Variyam- Science conveyed, is fun

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Feb 24, 2017 03:23 PM IST

Chennai: Writer and director Arun Chidambaram’s Kanavu Variyam is based on frequent power-cuts in villages across Tamilnadu and tries to offer solution to it.

Produced by DCKAP Cinemas, it is treated as a commercial entertainer. Screened in various International film fests, it managed to win some awards too.

Jiya plays the heroine. Ilavarasu, Black Pandy, Professor Gnanasambandan, Yog Japee are also in the cast. Music is by Shyam Benjamin, while cinematography is by S Selvakumar and editing by Gaugin.

Ezhil (Arun Chidambaram), a village school dropout tries to find a practical solution in spite of being thought a nut case for all problems. He is encouraged by his father (Ilavarasu) to think more and learn a lot through practical means.

Ezhil come across a retired teacher (Gnansambandhan) and his world opens up. Worried at the sufferings of villagers due to powercuts, he takes novel ways to produce power. How he achieved it forms the crux.

The movie tries to convey that science is fun to learn. He shows few experiments too. Arun Chidambaram does his part well, while Jiya is bubbly. Though predominantly it speaks about powercuts, throws light on our traditional games, need to preserve agriculture among others.