Review: Kadaikutty Singam - Family comes first

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Jul 13, 2018 01:03 PM IST

Tamil cinema has plenty of mass heroes mouthing punchlines these days. Comes a whiff of fresh air with Kadaikutty Singam, a family movie set against  village backdrop.

Director Pandiraj known for his rustic themes has managed an emotional potboiler that speaks of family unity and love for kith and kin.

The shrewd writer packs it with punch stressing on the need to preserve agriculture and respect farmers, all within a commercial format.

After a daredevil cop in Dheeran Adhigaram Ondru, Karthi plays an adorable innocent farmer in a village. His love for his parents and sisters forms the crux.

What happens when his family comes in between him and his love life is what KKS is all about.

The first half is packed with enough punches glorifying the sacrifices and hard work of farmers. With some razor sharp dialogues, Pandiraj manages to leave an impact.

Sample this - 'Oru Naal Vivasayiya Irundhu Paar, Illa Oru Naal Vivsayioda Vaazhnthupaar, Kashtam Theriyum'.  The good thing is Pandiraj doesn't get carried away and makes sure nothing sounds preachy.

Son of an influential man in the village Ranasingam (Sathyaraj), Gunasingam (Karthi) leads a content life with his family. For him, everything is his family.

A successful farmer, Gunasingam along with his cousin Sivagamiyin Selvan (Soori) is loved by all in the village.

Meanwhile, Poompozhil Chellama (Priya Bhavani Sankar) and Andal Priyadharshini (Arthana Banu) dream of marrying their uncle (Karthi) one day.

All hell breaks loose when Gunasingam falls at first sight for Kannukiniyal (Sayeesha). Family separates and an intense emotional battle breaks out between all. The onus is on Gunasingam to set things right.

Karthi plays his part well in the family drama. A proud farmer, he has enough to prove his acting skills towards the second half when the movie becomes a melodrama.

Soori provides relief with his one-liners, enjoyable after a long time. Sayeesha is bubbly and plays a typical heroine. Interestingly, the likes of Priya Bhavani Sankar and Arthana Banu have more to offer.

Sathyaraj plays a dotting dad and the likes of Bhanupriya, Viji Chandrarsekar, Ponvannan and Ilavarasu among others chip well.

Music is by Imman and there are rural beats quite typical of him. Velraj's camera captures the lush green locales of village bright and beautiful.

Though the emotional fare goes a bit high at places and little exaggerated, yet thanks to splendid show by the seasoned star cast and some well written lines by Pandiraj, Kadaikutty Singam makes a good watch.