Review: Kaattupaya Sir Indha Kaali - Ideological battle

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Aug 04, 2018 10:49 AM IST

Movies that speak political ideologies are booming. A lot of leftist and rational doctrine are on the rise in Tamil cinema. However, the way these theories are presented is what makes a movie watchable.

Youreka's 'Kaattupaya Sir Indha Kaali' (KSIK), too, does some strong propaganda. Starring Jaivanth in the lead, the movie also features Jaraa, 'Aadukalam' Naren and Munnar Ramesh in pivotal roles.

Investigating a peculiar case where the vehicles owned by employees of a specific finance company alone are set on fire by an unknown person, Inspector Kaali is on a mission to trace the culprit.

With a parallel narration that shows how 'Tamil' people are threatened by 'immigrants' from the rest of India, the movie explores the nuances of the finance industry and how customers are treated when they delay or fail to pay the interest for the loan taken.

Youreka's motive of creating awareness and touching a delicate issue is commendable. But, the way he narrates and justifies the political vendetta needs more maturity.

At some point, we feel like KSIK is too preachy and gets ideologies forcibly added to the storyline. Still, the writer has tried to be subtle in many instances like the pre-credits block where a group of immigrants chase a Tamil and he comes back chasing them.

Youreka also has left certain scenes to be self-explanatory like the one where the villain narrates why he is setting vehicles on fire.

He also has spoken a lot with symbols, especially posters. The references to 'Adimai Penn', 'Saravanan Irukka Bayamen' are evidence of top-notch screenwriting.

But, KSIK fails in presenting its plot due to unnecessary sequences. From nowhere Aghoris appear with 'Siva Baanam'. Though his urge to justify marijuana seems to be the primary need, in KSIK it seems to be gratuitous.

Also, the initial scenes of the female lead look vague, despite the role turning out to be significant towards the climax.

KSIK has brought out the best in Jaivanth and he shoulders the movie. But, there are scene where we happen to see the amateur side of the actor.

The role played by Jaraa and her screen presence is totally insignificant for the whole runtime except the climax. Munnar Ramesh and 'Aadukalam' Naren seasoned performances need mention and they give the feel of watching a proper movie.

The chances and scope for making KSIK a decent political entertainer should have been high in script format. But, the frequent appearances and interruptions of forced ideologies make it fall flat and the audience, uneasy.