Review: Kaalakoothu - Friends forever

By M Bharat Kumar Published on May 25, 2018 05:10 PM IST

Directed by newcomer M Nagarajan, Kaalakoothu is a tale of friends who live for each other. They share their sorrow and joy. Unfortunately a tragic incident plays spoilsport in their lives.

Seemingly inspired by Subramaniapuram, the filmmaker has come out with an emotional drama that convinces in parts.

Set in Madurai, the movie revolves around Kalaiyarasan (Hari) and Prasanna (Eswar). An orphan Eswar grows up with Hari, who loses his mother at a very young age. They become close friends.

The friends fall in love with girls from the same town. Gayathri (Dhansika) falls for Hari, while Revathi (Srushti) is head over heels for Eswar. Things go well for them, until an unfortunate incident involving Eswar threatens their survival.

Meanwhile, Revathi’s father decides to make his daughter enter wedlock with his relative. The movie picks up steam in second half and ends with a bloody climax.

Both Prasanna and Kalaiyarasan have given their best. The latter who had played Chennai guy with ease in the movie Madras, has no difficulty to play a Madurai man. He is good in pouring anger and comedy too comes good for him.

Prasanna does a good show and emotes well. He has enough screen space and utilises it well. Dhanshika sparkles in her role, while Srushti Dange has very little to do. Justin Prabhakaran’'s music has been used well by Nagarajan and the songs are catchy.

Though there are few commercial elements in the movie to engage front-benchers, yet the hangover of many Madurai movies could have been avoided. With seasoned artistes in the cast, it ends up a decent watch