Review: Irumbu Thirai- About data theft & technology

By NT Bureau Published on May 10, 2018 05:23 PM IST

In a first of its kind initiative in Kollywood, actor-producer Vishal has introduced footage screening by playing only the first half of his film, Irumbu Thirai, to create a buzz around the movie and open it up for criticism before the theatrical release on 11 May.

The movie, written and directed by debutante PS Mithran, deals with data theft and shows how our important details are being accessed and misused using technology.

The main plot revolves around Major Kathiravan, an army officer played by Vishal, who is duped by an online banking fraud. When he tries to trace his money and find the perpetrators, he discovers that the web of crime with the aid of technology is beyond a common man's scope.

The highlight of the screening is the strong interval block, which introduces the main antagonist, essayed by 'action king' Arjun. With just his voice and two second screen presence, Arjun has raised the expectations for the second half.

Irumbu Thirai does not feel like a movie made by a first time director. In the first half, director Mithran, keeps the narrative pacy, interlaced with humour and feel good moments between Samantha and Vishal.

Samantha plays Dr Rathi Devi, a psychologist in the film and her character is more mature and a departure from the usual bubbly roles that she plays.

The comedy is handled by Robo Shankar, who keeps the audience in splits with his slapstick one-liners. There is never a dull moment when he is around and he is a big plus for the film. Veteran Delhi Ganesh as Vishal's father goes about his business with elan.

On the technical front, George C Williams' cinematography is top notch. The first half however could use some cuts to make the narrative even moreĀ  crisp. Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored music and the first half is devoid of any songs. He has aced the background scores as usual.

The footage screening has raised the expectations of the movie as it intended. We may now see more films follow the same route, as Kollywood films usually make or break based on the collections from the opening weekend.