Review: Ippadai Vellum- Battle of brains

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Nov 10, 2017 04:47 PM IST

Director Gaurav Narayanan's Ippadai Vellum is more an extension of his last Sigaram Thodu, where a 'brainy' protaganist emerges the winner against all odds.


Ippadai Vellum is about two men, who are wrongly arrested as the accomplices of a most-wanted terrorist. Caught in a difficult situation, the onus is on them to prove their innocence.

Gaurav's writing is good. But there is a let down in execution. The movie begins on a brisk pace with enough curious elements. Until the interval, with elements of a seat-edge thriller, Ippadai Vellum engages audience. But in the latter part, he has tried to balance between action, comedy and emotion losing out on the core plot.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, after a rural tale in Saravanan Irukka Bayamen, plays a brainy youngster from Thiruvannamalai. He plays the lead role in a subtle way and looks convincing. Soori besides his usual comedy has some emotional scenes too. Manjima Mohan is cute and bubbly.

RK Suresh as tough cop is okay while Daniel Balaji is shown as a menacing villain who could have been given more scope towards the climax. The cast includes Radhika SarathKimar, Sriman and RJ Rohini among others.

The movie begins at a prison in Uttar Pradesh. Chotta (Daniel Balaji), an expert in trigerring blasts for ultras, escapes. He is entrusted with the task of executing blasts acrtoss Chennai. During his journey from Uttar Pradesh to Chennai, he comes across two youngsters - Madhusudhanan (Udhayanidhi) and Kuzhandaivelu (Soori).

Madhu is the son of Tamilnadu's first woman bus driver (Radhika). He works in an IT company in Chennai and has plans to marry his girlfriend Bhargavi (Manjima Mohan).

Meanwhile Kuzhandaivelu, a dubbing artiste, plans to be with his pregnant wife. But their lives turn upside down after their encounter with Chotta.

Richard Nathan's camera is a big strength. It adds more colour and ensures the momentum is not lost in action scenes. Imman's BGM goes with the story.

Gaurav has laced the script with a series of twists. Had it carried the momentum of first half all through, Ippadai Vellum would have been more crisp and convincing. Ippadai Vellum is well begun, but half done.