Review: Goli soda 2- Fizzling out

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Jun 19, 2018 03:04 PM IST

SD Vijay Milton has added more drama and action to Goli Soda 2 than the first part. Although it is similar to the prequel, the second installment has deep emotions and expresses the aggression of common people.

The story is about three youngsters who want to rise up in life but are pushed into problems. How they retrieve their rights and live life the way they want to forms the crux.

The movie has lots of drama but the making could have been better. The sudden transformation of an ordinary man into a superhero is little illogical.

The female leads in the plot equate the emotions of protagonists.  Milton's smartness lies on connecting two different social issues on a single hyperlink plot. The way he starts the stories of all three protagonists and links them on the same line is brilliant. This saves the movie from being too sparse.

Samuthirankani's role has less dynamic body language and the neckband makes his character a balancing point of a racy screenplay. On the other hand, Chemban Vinod Jose is going to be a new find for Tamil industry.

His physique and facial expressions match the role. Among the three protagonists, Bharat Seeni outshines the other two. The surprise is Gautham Menon as Ragavan IPS.

Goli Soda 2's visuals add more depth to the emotion it conveys. When the narration goes too mainstream, editor Deepak's hip-hop cuts and montages grab attention. Rajamani's Pondaaty nee pondaaty nee... song is impressive.

The movie has dialogues that tend to trigger the audience.  On the whole, Goli Soda 2 could have been more frothy.