Review - Enna Thavam Seitheno: Caste conflict

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Jun 26, 2018 05:28 PM IST

Filmmaker Murabasalan's Enna Thavam Seitheno is a social drama with a simple storyline.

The movie has debutantes Ghajini and Vishnu Priya in the lead along with Powerstar Srinivasan and RNR Manohar playing important roles.

In a rural geography where casteism dominates society, the Dalit male lead falls for the daughter of a village's big shot who belongs to an upper caste.

What happens to him forms the plot of Enna Thavam Seitheno.

The movie tries to show the true colours of casteism in the country. The director has tried to balance the drama with some commercial compromises in the screenplay.

However, Murabasalan's attempt to convey a strong message through Enna Thavam Seitheno deserves appreciation.   

Ghajini and Vishnu Priya have tried to give their best. Considering this to be their maiden venture, they have done a decent act.

Dev Guru's numbers and the original score add some value to the story.

Had the narration been crisp and the needless sub-plots avoided, Enna Thavam Seitheno would have merited a good watch.