Review: Baskar Oru Rascal- Mighty father

By M Bharat Kumar Published on May 17, 2018 05:06 PM IST

Joining the long list of Malayalam blockbusters getting remade in Tamil is Baskar Oru Rascal. Titled the same in Malayalam, the original had Mammootty and Nayanthara playing the lead.

A family drama with some action, the Tamil version brings together Arvind Samy and Amala Paul.

The film is directed by Siddique, who helmed the original. Theri fame Baby Nainika and master Raghavan play pivotal characters. The movie has music by Amrish. In a nutshell, it revolves around Arvind Swamy (Bhaskar), a ruffian and a widower with a son, who falls for a single mother (Amala Paul).

Bhaskar (Mammootty) is not much educated and he is brash but has heart of gold. After losing his wife early, Bhaskar never married again and he loves his son, Akash (Master Raghavan). Interestingly Akash's classmate Shivani (Nainika), the daughter of a Anu (Amala Paul). Anu' hubby (Aftab) had died a few years ago. Interestingly The kids want their parents to get married and Bhaskar likes the idea as well. But Anu is not keen about this and there are some unprecedented issues that follow which takes the story ahead.

Arvind Swami tries his best as an angry dad. He has enough opportunity to prove his worth in action and comedy scenes. Amala Paul is bubbly and entertaining. She plays her part well.

The two kids - Raghavan and Nainika bond well on screen. They come up with convincing performances. Soori, Robo Shankar and Ramesh Khanna tries to evoke laughter, while Nasser plays a granddad. Amrish's songs puts brake on the story while the background score is fine.

Baskar Oru Rascal has an engaging first half with fun and action, but second half goes the cliched with not much in it to entertain audience. Had Siddique retained the flavour of the original the end product could have been different.