Review: Avengers - Fight gets bigger

By Mariayn Jennifer Published on Apr 26, 2018 05:16 PM IST

Chennai: Filmmaker brothers Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have come up with Avengers: Infinity War which is well-scripted and engaging.

With the entire Marvel Comics superheros on act, this is quite a challenge to connect each of their storyline with the present. Most of them remain intact and at places technology has added the much needed 'punch'.

The storyline is very simple, the good versus bad. For those who have already watched the previous instalments would know this better. Thanos in his path to power unleashes death and destruction in many planets. He acquires all the six infinity stones and eradicates half of all life as people start disintegrating. His aim is to bring a balance in all planets and watch the sunset in satisfaction.

The Guardians of the Galaxies, Avengers and other superheros fight him in vain.

After a long wait, the villain, Thanos (Josh Brolin), is finally introduced. Shown in the shadows for all these years, he come to the light for the first time.

A large purple man with a rugged face, has the entire evil force under his command. He is keen on bringing a balance on planets with death and destruction. He is cool, very strong, powerful and most importantly intelligent. He has a heart of gold at one point but turns insanely evil the next. He is so powerful that superheros 'die the most painful death'. His heavy presence (in terms of size and screen space) is interesting and scary.

One thing that Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have done is fed the script with surprises. You never know who is going to die or win next. The movie starts with a fight and continues with it till the end. Each of them is interlinked with another and has loads of references to the previous parts (so you need to connect them all). The pressure to survive and live, among heroes and villians, is kept throughout the film, which makes it an interesting watch.

The use of computer graphics is massive. This is not just about star ships floating and skyscrapers crumbling. This is personification of evil with intelligence and dark humour. It is a showdown in the climax, as it gets unbelievable when the villain tries to overtake the world. So what happens next? You just have to wait and watch for the next part.