Review: Aval - Total Horror

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Nov 04, 2017 04:49 PM IST

Who said horror movies in Tamil end up only as comedy capers? Actor Siddharth in the company of filmmaker Milind Rau has managed to give an Indian horror thriller with Hollywood standards that really scares audience.

Starring Siddharth, Andrea Jermiah, Atul Kulkarni and Anisha Angelina, with enough spine-chilling moments,

Aval stands apart from films on eerie thrillers attempted before in Kollywood. Scripted by Siddharth and Milind Rau based on a real life incident, the reference to Albert Einstein on spirits, the symbolification of Jewish identities and references to novels like Exorcist adds more value to the story.

The horror angle is intelligently written. The suffering of two families haunted by ghosts and the people who try to help them is set in the backdrop of beautiful landscapes of Himachal Pradesh and it’s 2017. The seed for the story was sowed during the 1930s.

The movie features a neurosurgeon doctor played by Siddharth and his wife Andrea Jeremiah. They are a newly-wed couple, who move into a new neighbourhood and soon realise that the house next door, inhabiting a little girl and her mother, is haunted.

Initially, they refuse to believe that supernatural powers are at play, but after a close encounter with the

possessed resorts to exorcism to help save the neighbours. And soon they realise that their new location is a haunted place.

What happens next forms the crux. How the doctor tries to save the inhabitants of the house next door from evil spirits forms the crux of the story. Siddharth is back after a break. His last was Jil Jung Juck. He looks fresh and

plays a neurosurgeon well.

Fear, anger, agony, frustration are all brought out well by him. As a caring husband and a dutiful doctor, Siddharth gets his act right. Andrea, who plays his wife, has a lot of scope to prove her acting skills. But the real show stealer is Anisha Angelina Victor, who plays Atul Kulkarni’s elder daughter in the film. Atul Kulkarni gives his best walks away with all honours.

Technically, the film stands one step higher than our regular horror films. Giriish’s music, Shreyaas Krishna’s cinematography and crisp editing by Lawrence add strength to it. Aval has set a new benchmark in Tamil cinema.