Review: Asuravadham - Action with a message

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Jun 29, 2018 12:24 PM IST

Bloodshed and brutal attacks are nothing new in a Sasikumar flick. But Asuravadham, by filmmaker Maruthupandian, has a lot more to say than just the dreadful violence sequences. It carries a social message.

Without an identity, a stranger (Sasikumar) follows Samayan (Vasumithra). He wants to kill him in a week's time. Sasikumar's role is written very strangely that the name of his character is used only once in the entire movie .

The writer has kept the audience guessing on what could be the conflict and the twist in the plot. Though it becomes a little predictable towards the end, the way he reveals that is totally raw.

The flashback sequence, though very short, is loaded with emotions and enough space for Sasikumar to emote. Unlike other preachy films, one can witness the main crime scene or a scene of violence against women happen outside the frame, but with complete intensity.

For this, Vasumithra's villainy and crude voice conceive the veritable negativity for his screen presence and dialogues.

The scene where Sasikumar has to cry on a tight frame with the crime happening on the other side of a phone call, the actor has managed to convey all his pain in a half-minute mono act.

With Sasikumar having less verbal content, his body language during stunt sequences and silence when he follows Vasumithra is what that makes the movie unique and engaging.

The real hero of the movie is stunt master Dhilip Subbarayan. His action choreography is the base for the movie. S R Kathir's camera captures the raw action well.

Maruthupandian has tread a different path and he makes sure that emotions overflow to make it a good watch.