Review: Peter Rabbit - Fun is the word

By Mercy Angeline C Published on Apr 17, 2018 10:43 AM IST

Peter Rabbit, an animated film is sure to tickle not just your funny bone but also your kids. A wholesome entertainer for children, it is inspired from the stories authored by Beatrix Potter and it is a compilation of rabbit stories, of which 'Tales of Peter Rabbit' is one of them.

Located at Lake District, the story opens with Peter Rabbit and his siblings going into the garden of Mr McGregor, to retrieve his father's jacket, but gets narrowly caught and rescued by Bea, who is McGregor's neighbour and a close friend of the bunnies.

Peter tries another attempt in getting the jacket and succeeds, but unfortunately he is caught by McGregor. But luckily for him, McGregor suffers a heart attack and dies.

Peter Rabbit is delighted over losing his enemy and invites his forest friends and his family who ransack the house and enjoy.

That is when, Thomas McGregor, grand nephew to Mr McGregor comes home in the idea of selling his grand uncle's house so as to set up his toy store.

When Thomas meets Peter, the genes strike and its the same tale of getting rid of each other,but in the meanwhile, Bea and Thomas have a liking for each other. So, will Thomas accept Peter and his family for Bea's sake or will Peter lose his house and Bea forever?

With a run time of 95 minutes, the film has lots of action laced with romance between the lead characters. The action sequences between Thomas and Peter does provide laughter. Sam Neill plays Mr McGregor, while Rose Byrne appears as Bea. Domhnall Gleeson plays Thomas McGregor.

The voice cast includes Peter Rabbit (James Corden), Benjamin (Colin Moody) and Mopsy Bunny (Elizabeth Debicki). Directed by Will Gluck, the movie is a summer entertainer for children.