Review: Aakam- Study tour

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Aug 06, 2017 08:05 PM IST

Joining the list of movies made around North Chennai is Aakam. Directed by Veludas Gnansambandham, the movie stars Sathish Ravan, Delna Davis, Ranjith, Vadivukkarasai, Vaidehi, Kayal Devaraj among others.

The movie speaks about the need to educate children. Sathish Ravan loses his father at a young age and leads a carefree life. His mother sells ganja in north Chennai and she stops her son from going to school and makes him assist her work. Sathish grows up as a spoiled brat and involves in anti-social acts.

There is Delna Davis, a young girl in the neighbourhood. She develops a fascination for him. Sathish uses her romance for his personal gain.

Interestingly Sathish’s friend in the neighbourhood is motivated by his mother to study well, who eventually becomes a District Collector.

When police plan to end Sathish’s atrocities by killing him in an encounter, enters his friend.

Sathish does a good act. He looks a typical north Chennai youngster. He dances well. Delna Davis is apt for the role. As a love-lorn girl, she excels.

Ranjith as baddie does what is expected of him. Kayal Devaraj’s performance deserves a special mention. Sivasundar’s cinematography is bright and beautiful.

Veludas Gnanasambandham has conveyed through the movie to parents to motivate their children to study well in order to lead a happy and a contended life.

Though it gets cliched at places and gives one a feel of watching a drama, the attempt deserves appreciation nonetheless.