Remembering lyricist, writer Na Muthukumar

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Jul 12, 2018 03:16 PM IST


Chennai: It could be just 16 years that legendary lyricist Na Muthukumar was associated with Tamil cinema before he died in 2016. But, in this span, the lyricist marked his name in golden letters in the industry.

On this 43rd birth anniversary of Na Muthukumar, News Today picks the irreplaceable five among the thousands of his film songs.

Kan Pesum Varthaigal - 7G Rainbow Colony - 2004

This is nicknamed 'the anthem of love failure' guys in town. The lyrical value and the music blend with the words and make the song an all-time favourite of the fans of music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. Without much exaggeration, the song kindles the inner emotions of people who have been in love and had a break-up. The song's picturisation was neatly handled that every word conveying the actual intensity of it.

Suttum Vizhi Sudarae - Ghajini - 2005

When most of the lyricists in the industry were body shaming and objectifying women with metaphors leading to vulgarity, this song from Na Muthukumar bucked the trend. The way he had ethically written the lyrics and personified the ladylove in Tamil in the lines, "Mellinam maarbil kanden... Vallinam vizhiyil kanden... Idaiyinam thediyillai enben" was a surprise and became an addiction for music and lyrics lovers of cinema. Composed by Harris Jayaraj, this song's first line was inspired by Bharathiyar's famous poem "Suttum Vizhi Sudarthaan Kannammaa."

Oru Paadhi Kadhavu - Thaandavam - 2012

On a poetic and with mild flavour of married life, this song explores the emotions of a newly-wed couple. As the love evolves between them, the song is written totally with metaphors that denote sharing and equality between the lead pair. The song starts with "Oru Paadhi Kadhavu Neeyadi... Marupaadhi Kadhavu Naanad". The entire lyrics try to signify the need of two halves of a door to be together, with the husband and the wife being one half.

Anandha Yaazhai - Thanga Meenkal - 2013

This is considered one of Na Muthukumar's career-best song, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The song defines and touches the depth of strong bonding between and a father and his daughter. The lines, "Un mugam paarkka thonuthadi... Vaanathu nilavu chinnathadi "would be so deep that the filmmaker himself was inspired by the lyrics to make it visually magnificent and with a bit of fantasy. The song became a default selection in playlists during its release and fetched Muthukumar a national award for best lyric.

Azhagae Azhagae - Saivam - 2014

When Na Muthukumar was predominantly writing songs on relationships like love, fatherhood, and friendship, this was an out-of-the-box number. With positivity as the central theme, the song defines the beauty of Nature. Everything around is beautiful in its own way is what the song conveys. The lines, "Mazhai mattumaa azhagu... Sudum veyil kooda oru azhagu" is a fitting example for that. The song, written in the perception of an eight-year-old school girl, brought Na Muthukumar yet another national award.


It was not just in lyric writing that Na Muthukumar left a mark but also in writing books. Some of his best books have been a turning point in many people's life. The writer, who always emphasised on human relationship, had his own unique writing style.

Anilaadum Mundril 

Generally, the writer has always stressed on the importance of a joint family and its need. In his book, "Anilaadum Mundril", he wrote about the intense human relationship in such a way that anyone who reads it, at any point, will connect it with their own life. Many who have reviewed the books have said they were touched and returned to their parents. His views on joint family and how it is being destroyed in these days never fails to make one feel how far we have come away from our families. Even the book cover that features Na Muthukumar and his son take us on a nostalgic trip.

Vedikkai Paarpavan

This book is the autobiography of Na Muthukumar. The writer has cleverly adopted some things to make the book stand out. He presented a third person's point of view, which shows his simplicity. Muthukumar has an interesting way of dividing chapters. "Vedikkai Paarpavan" has also been divided into chapters according to the different stages of his life. The non-linear book, stresses the need for good relationship and importance of friendship. The chapter talking about his and his son's relationship is beautiful and the words and simple poems in between have a soothing effect.

Kuzhandhaigal Niraindha Veedu

Na Muthukumar's love for children runs through all his books. Among them, "Kuzhandhaigal Niraindha Veedu", as the name itself says, is an amazing book that talks about how a child's love makes up a house and the love is filled in its pure form where a child is present.

Bala Kaandam

This book is a collection of essays that talks about teenage memories. The writer beautifully brings out the best ever memories of one's teen stage. One could easily picturise the world he is trying to convey through his words. His references to even small games that one used to play in childhood days make the book a best read.

Gramam Nagaram Maanagaram

This is also one of the best reads of Muthukumar. The book takes us on a nostalgic trip in three different phases. In each and every chapter the writer shows different environments and characters and describes them in beautiful way.



by-Santhosh Mathevan and P T Usha