'Rajinism 2.0', a book on Superstar, launched in Chennai

By Mohammed Rayaan Published on Jul 26, 2018 11:48 AM IST

A book on Rajinikanth, titled 'Rajinism 2.0' by Sameer Bharath Ram, who is a die-hard fan of the actor, was launched Wednesday.

It is a tribute to the life of the star. It has several unknown anecdotes written by people who have met him from the very beginning of his stardom.

It also has rare photographs of his taken during film shootings and some by his close friends. The book cover was designed by Bala Subramanian Rajasekaran.

Actor and comedian, Y Gee Mahendra, who was present during the launch of the book, spoke about working with the superstar. "Rajini is a simple person. Despite having reached the pinnacle in his career, he never forgets his past. He loves to spend time with his friends. He is a good listener. I can tell for sure that Rajini has more fans than MGR or Sivaji."

Mahendra also narrated about the first time he worked with Rajini. "When I met him for the first time, he was a very shy person."

Arun Prakash, a corporate and an entrepreneur, flew all the way from the United States to attend the book launch. "Rajni's life story has been a source of inspiration for me throughout my corporate life. One thing I always love about him is that even though he is such a successful star, he is still grounded and humble."

Arun also shared how the Superstar's style has given him ideas in his work life. "His mannerisms and dialogue always appeal to the audience. I tried to find ways where I could do something as great as the star's style in my own products," said the entrepreneur.

Legendary director S P Muthuraman said, "I have lot to say about Rajini. It was amazing to have an opportunity to work with him for 25 films. I have seen him grow as an actor. He used to struggle with his lines but now his dialogues are major punchlines."

He added, "His rise to stardom wasn't easy, yet, he did it eventually. He has not changed over the years. He has always been a dear friend to mine since the first film we made together."

Madhuvanti Arun , daughter of Y Gee Mahendra, spoke about the superstar's honest and sincere ways. "I have never met an honest man like him. He speaks whatever he has in mind."

She also spoke about his caring nature. "Every time I meet him, he always asks me if I  have had my meals," smiles Madhuvanti.

The book is a collector's edition, brought out by Brew Magazine and is not for sale.