Nithya Balaji reveals Bigg Boss 2 Tamil secrets

By P T Usha Published on Jul 19, 2018 02:50 PM IST

Chennai: "I am now overwhelmed with people's feedback to me and Balaji as well," says Bigg Boss 2 contestant Nithya Balaji.

She was the only commoner who participated in the second season of the reality show, and was evicted last week. Nithya's entry triggered lot of controversies among people, as her husband Balaji with whom she had a troubled relationship, was also one of the contestants.

In a conversation with News Today, Nithya opens up about the Bigg Boss house, Balaji and other inmates.

Excerpts from her interview

Q: How is life after Bigg Boss?

A: I am very grateful to people and channel especially Pradeep sir for such an opportunity. He encouraged me so much to take part in this show. For the last one year, Balaji and myself  earned more negative image among the public. But this show has been a turning point in my life. I just entered the house without any idea about the future of our relationship. But I wanted to prove myself to people, especially about my nature. I was 'myself' from day 1 to 28 and had no idea about what will be public's mindset about me once I come out. But people loved my honesty. I think not hurting anyone and not back biting are my strengths.

Q: What kind of image Balaji has created among people through this show?

A: Balaji has also got very good image among people. This is only because he never failed to support me at any point. People will definitely love him for this. When he said 'I love you' on day 28, I said 'same here'. Still, I cannot forget certain things he did to me in the past. Though he has now promised to be a new person I cannot accept it, as he had broken many such promises for nine years when we were together. It is good to see a new Balaji. I believe he is not doing this for the show alone. If he continues to be the same in real life too, definitely I will consider re-uniting with him. If not, this divorce procedure will take place.


Q: How much did your daughter Poshika miss you?

A: After I came out, Poshika cried and said that I should have stayed inside for more number of days. When I asked if she didn't miss me, she said that she have been living with me and my emotions everyday. So, she wanted me to continue and win the game

Q: Balaji has been nominated this week too. Do you think people will support him?

A: Definitely people will support him. He is one of the contestants who is being realistic. While some are wearing their masks, Balaji does not hold anything inside him. He fought with me and he has been a jovial person with everyone. People will save him for he being himself. Myself and Poshika will always be happy to see his success.

Q: Some words about Kamal Hassan...

A: I have no age or experience to even talk about Kamal sir. Everyone in the house had one motto - to listen what he says and follow it. When he advised us, while we had our relationship issues, we just went with what he said. His eyes have got so much of power. It was Kamal sir who made me to think about giving a chance to Balaji.

Q: You have been the leader of this house twice in a short period of time. Some words about it..

A: As a commoner, when I entered the show, initially the co-contestants started thinking that I was acting to grab attention. I became the captain during the second week and this was the most tough job. Especially, it was challenging for me because, already there was an ongoing task and Balaji and me were fighting at that time. Moreover, the contestants were also not in the mood of hearing what I say. When the second time I took captain role, people liked me and followed what I said. All contestants loved me which was when I thought if contestants are liking me, definitely people will also love me.

Q: Who is your favorite contestant and whom do you think are plotting strategies to win?

A: Anytime, my favourite contestant will be Balaji. But, I also love Ramya. I feel she is being realistic. According to me, two contestants - Mumtaz and Danny- are playing by plotting strategies that people will like and there is nothing wrong in it.