Review: Kalathur Gramam - Real life incidents

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Nov 02, 2017 04:59 PM IST

Kalathur Gramam is tailor-made to document a cultural or social aspect of society. Directed by Saran K Advaithan it has a contented storyline about an impoverished village. It speaks about casteism and racism. Kishore and Yagna Shetty play the lead while Tharun Shatriya and Ajay Rathnam playing significant roles.

Based on true incidents that happened in a village in Tamilnadu and Andhra border, the film revolves around a few in Kalathur Gramam. There is love, friendship, betrayal and revenge.

Since the complete movie is based on a judicial investigation, it has a non-linear narrative story telling with a number of versions coming back and forth. Kishore predominantly steals the show with two different looks - one in the pre-'80s and the other in later age of his character Kidathirukku.

Yagna Shetty plays his pair on screen. Ajay Rathnam adds more pep with his performance. Tharun Shatriya, Midhun Kumar, Sulile Kumar and Rajini Mahadevaiya have done their part well.

Music by Ilayaraja adds strength to the movie. His background deserves special mention. Interestingly, a few of his yesteryear hit numbers are provided in a different fashion.

Cinematography by Pushparaj Santhosh with different lighting provides visual splendour. On the flip-side, a lengthy second-half could have been trimmed. With Kishore at his best and Ilayaraja’s BGM, Kalathur Gramam impresses.