International Kissing Day: Tamil movie scenes

Chennai: From sharing love to breaking stereotypes of 'untouchability', a kiss is something that bridges humanity with its own uniqueness and substance. On International Kiss Day that is celebrated 6 July every year, News Today  shares a few kissing scenes that were featured in Tamil movies over the past few decades that have been iconic in love scenes.

Though smooches have always been shown in shadow or off the screen in a lot of movies, here are some scenes where kiss played a pivotal part in the story.


Kuruthipunal - 1995

This action drama, starring Kamal Haasan and Arjun, spoke a lot about the spread of extremism in Tamilnadu. However, the movie has a layer of family drama and emotions in its screenplay in which Gouthami played the spouse of Kamal. The two liplock scenes between Kamal and Gouthami in the movie was the talk of the town for a long time. The one sets off in the couple's bedroom and the other starts as a simple conversation and ends in a long passionate kiss.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - 2010:

The placement of kiss scene in this epic romance drama by Gautham Menon where Simbu (Karthik) and Trisha (Jessie) play the lead, is something poetic that Tamil cinema has never seen before. Appearing in the middle of Omana Penne number, the scene is written in such a way that the hero approaches his girl in a step-by-step fashion and places a couple of kisses. Though Jessie refuses initially, her love for Karthik finally breaks her resistance, leading to a short passionate kiss. However, she pushes him away at the end, despite allowing him to kiss her.


Mankatha - 2011

The long smooch of Ajith and Raai Laxmi in Mankaatha is not about love at all. But, the kiss plays a key role in the climax sequence. With all negativity, and Ajith playing the anti-hero, the kiss scene leads to the death of Raai, as conspired by Ajith.


Nanban - 2012:

With the line 'How to kiss dodging each other's noses?' travelling throughout the movie, the protagonist of this movie, Panchavan Paarivendhan aka Kosaksi Pasapugazh played by Vijay, was supposed to be a smart scientist and fails to kiss all through the runtime. In the end, he finds out a way out of it when his love interest Ria abruptly appears before him. Finally, the pair ends up kissing where the movie ends.

Naan Sigappu Manithan

Naan Sigappu Manithan - 2014:

Being narcoleptic, the protagonist, Indran, played by Vishal, has a to-do list for his lifetime, but could not achieve anything as he falls asleep even when he starts to think about them. One of them turns out to be kissing a good-looking girl. His love interest, Meera, essayed by Lakshmi Menon who wants to make all his wishes come true, finds out his wish of kissing. Without his expecting it, she all of a sudden pulls him and plants a kiss, eventually making him fall asleep.


Thangameengal - 2013:

Referring to kissing in a divine context, Thanga Meengal by filmmaker Ram gave purity to it. The line "Magalgalai petra appakalukku mattume theriyum mutham kaamathil serathathu endru" (Only fathers of daughters know that a kiss is not part of a sexual desire) before Ananda Yaazhai song, speaks for itself. The movie elaborates on the emotional bonding between a father and daughter.



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