Iniya & her music album

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 08, 2018 03:29 PM IST

Actress Iniya of Vaagai Soodavaa fame has turned producer for a music video album titled Mia.

Speaking to News Today, she says, "Mia is a music video that runs for eight minutes and talks about the struggles of a trained dancer to make it big. She undergoes several hardships but never loses her self-confidence and perseverance. Whether she achieves her goal or not forms the rest".

"Last year, I attended self-defence classes on kalari. Recently, I am learning contemporary dances. In one of our practice sessions, this idea of making a music video came up and the concept was that of choreographer Arun."

Mia has dialogues in between the thematic song. Proceeds of the album would go to those affected by cancer, she adds.