I want to create my own identity: Vidharth

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Sep 02, 2017 05:57 PM IST

‘I want to create an identity for me. Hence I try to pick fi lms that are daringly different from the rest’, says actor Vidharth. After having played minuscule roles in many movies, Vidharth played it a hero with Mynaa . He followed it up with films like Aal, Kuttrame Thanadani,Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu and the recently-released Kurangu Bommai.

Interestingly none of them were hero-centric but still raved for its strong content. Vidharth’s performance as a relatable character in these fi lms  won him admiration. He isn’t really setting the screen on fire with his performances, and he doesn’t have to. It is his ability to remain quietly in the shadows, to be content playing your average man on the streets that makes these fi lms the gritty, realistic stories they are.

Speaking to News Today , the Mynna actor, says, ‘I am confident that audience are ready to welcome a good cinema, which needs to be athorough commercial. Hence I chose to do variety. There is an immense satisfaction for an actor when he is hailed for his performance rather  instead of the money that he earns. I am feeling it’.


Q: Were you confident that Kurangu Bommai would succeed?

A: I was confi dent that it would win appreciation. The story may not be new, but the execution and screenplay were new to Tamil cinema. Though I tried films in various genres, What gives me more satisfaction is that Kurangu Bommai is collecting wellat the box offi ce. A good cinema that is accepted by audience can be called as ‘commercial cinema’.

Q: Is it a conscious decision to stay away from commercial cinema?

A : I want to create an identity for me. Variety is the spice of life. I strongly believe that a movie sans heroism too will win the admiration of masses. If you look a t m y movies, all had strong stories. I was just a character in it. I may end up earning less, but the satisfaction thatI derive doing them is unmeasurable. I just do what I like the most.

Q: On working with Bharathiraja.

A: He is a legendary filmmaker. There is a great actor in him. He gives right emotions. I watched him in close quarters and learnt a lot. He certainly deserves greater accolades for his performance in the movie.

Q: What are your forthcoming films?

A : I am acting in three fi lms - Vandi, Chinnadha Oru Padam and Ayiram Porkasugal . Again they are different from each other and story-drive. I have completed shooting for my portions in Bharathiraja’s next directorial. As an actor, I think I am on a right path.

Q: What were the hurdles you faced so far?

A: My grandfather acted in blink and miss roles in Parassakthi and Orr Iravu . He tried hard for offers. But couldn’t succeed. He sowed the seeds in my heart to realise his dream. He took me to newly-released movies in Tirunelveli when I was a kid. He discussed a lot aboutcinema  with me. After trying my hand at various works, I came to Chennai. Joined Koothu-P-Pattarai. Life was a challenge and after doing smallroles in many fi lms, came Mynaa my way.