I expected more opposition for 'Kaala': Rajini

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 05, 2018 04:12 PM IST

"I expected more opposition for Kaala. The thing is any film would be accepted by the audience only if the content is good. If people dislike the content of the film, it will not run," actor Rajinikanth told mediapersons at Chennai airport.

The actor was returning from Hyderabad after attending a promotional event for Kaala. The movie is scheduled to be released worldwide 7 June.

Replying to the criticism that he met Thoothukudi victims to promote Kaala, the actor said, "I don’t need such publicity stunt. I have been in the industry for 43 years; with people’s love, God’s will and my fans' support, there is no necessity to stoop down to that level and promote my film."

About the movie's ban in Karnataka, he said, "There is no objectionable content in the film. In Karnataka, people from various parts of the country are eagerly waiting to watch the film. I’m sure senior leaders like Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy will not agree to ban a film."


The ban on Rajinikanth's film Kaala in Karnataka by the State film body has not gone down well with senior BJP leader K S Eshwarappa, who said artistes are national assets and not limited to any region or language.

"Irrespective of the field they are in, artistes are assets to the nation. They are not limited to any region or language," he told reporters in Chikkamagaluru. The BJP leader was reacting to the Karnataka Film

Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) decision not to allow screening of the film.

The KFCC is upset with Rajinikanth over his reported statement that whichever government comes to power in Karnataka, it should implement the Supreme Court order on Cauvery water sharing in toto.

The film star has often faced the wrath of pro-Kannada organisations for his comments on the Cauvery issue.

"Rajkumar (Kannada matinee idol) was not just limited to Karnataka. He won many awards in different parts of the country. Artistes and actors belong to the whole nation," the leader said.

The BJP leader said he would not buy the argument from anybody to oppose any movie just because it is from a particular region and a particular language and pointed out that Kannada films could face the same consequences in future. Karnataka has a sizeable Tamil population and a huge Rajinikanth fan following.


Kaala producer Dhanush and his wife Aishwarya have filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court seeking directions to the State government and KFCC for smooth release of the film.

Kaala is scheduled to be released worldwide 7 June but KFCC had said the film would neither be distributed nor screened in the State.

In the plea, Dhanush, who is Rajinikanth's son-in-law, submitted that it is the fundamental right of the petitioners under the Constitution to exhibit the film.

"CBFC has issued a certification under Section 5B of the Cinematograph Act, 1952, for the release of Kaala after following due process and adhering to all guidelines. After receiving such a certificate, it is the fundamental right of the petitioner under Article 19(1) of the Constitution to exhibit the film," the petitioners submitted.

The petitioners also have sought security at theatres and for movie-goers, directors, producers and cast associated with Kaala in Karnataka.

They have made the government, Home Department, State police chief, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner, Central Board of Film Certification and KFCC as respondents in their plea.

The petitioners stated that KFCC took a decision to neither distribute nor screen Kaala in Karnataka following Rajinikanth's alleged views on the Cauvery dispute, demanding release of water to Tamilnadu as per Supreme Court direction.

The petitioners also said KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu on 30 May had issued a press statement saying the film will neither be distributed nor screened anywhere in Karnataka. They also said several pro-Kannada organisations had made representations to Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy requesting a ban on Kaala. The petition is likely to come up for hearing today.


Actor Prakash Raj has questioned the ban on Kaala in Karnataka. "What's film #kaala got to do with Kaveri issue...? why is film fraternity targeted always...? Will Jds/congress government let fringe elements take law into their hands... like bjp did with #Padmavat... or... will you step in to assure common man... his right for choice. #justasking...,' tweeted the multi-lingual actor.

In a statement, Prakash Raj said, "Who are these people to decide what most Kannadigas want or don't want? What about the distributors, investors and theatre owners and the thousands of those whose lives depend on them? And what about the lakhs and lakhs of cinema lovers because of whom, all these people earn a living?"