Finally, Bigg Boss 2 house speaks 'Tamil'

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 04, 2018 11:31 AM IST

In a bid to make Bigg Boss 2 house contestants speak only Tamil and wear their mikes all the time, a unique task was given to them yesterday.

Two water tanks were kept outside in the garden area with holes in it. The contestants were split into two teams and were asked to block the holes with their hands and save water in order to win this week's luxury budget task.

But the turning point is that if a contestant finds any member from the opposite team talking in any language other than Tamil or not wearing their mike, s/he can go complain to Bigg Boss and demand five mugs of water from them.

Finally, the team which had the highest volume of water will be considered the winner.

Since the start of this season, there is a common compliant that the contestants use English and Hindi more than Tamil in the reality show.

Many a time it is hard for people to connect with what's going on since the house mates do not wear their mike.

However, yesterday's task stopped the contestants from using even simple sentences like 'Excuse me', 'Smile, please', 'Come here', etc. Even in heavy rain, the sportive contestants completed the task.