Director Bharathiraja says he is not cut out for politics

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Jul 24, 2018 10:21 AM IST

"I lack the diplomacy needed for a politician. I want people to remember me as a great creator and not a politician," says filmmaker Bharathiraja.

The veteran director, who revolutionsed Tamil cinema by taking movies out of studios to the rural parts of the State, has completed his next directorial venture, titled 'Om'.

Starring Bharathiraja himself in the lead, 'Om' has newcomer Nakshatra playing the heroine. Says Bharathiraja, "It is an engaging action thriller and I am sureĀ  'Om' will make it big."

Excerpts from his interview:

Q: Why did you opt for the title 'Om' ?

A: It is a short form for 'Old Man'. I play a writer and my nickname is Om. There are no communal references in the movie. It is one of my movies that will stay close to my heart.

Q: Tell us about the movie.

A: It is a movie that is a thriller yet filled with emotional elements. A writer goes to London where he meets a girl who is keen to end life. He convinces her and takes her with him on a journey. What changes it brings about between then forms the crux of the story.

Q:Tell us about your heroine Nakshatra.

A: She is a wonderful talent. She gave her best in every frame. I am happy to introduce her to Tamil cinema. The best thing is, she speaks Tamil fluently.

Q: You are part of several protests? Why?

A: I feel it's my duty to raise my voice for my people and society that I live in. If I find injustice anywhere, I will protest.

Q: Are you planning to enter politics?

A: I don't like politics. I am not designed for it. As the duty of an ordinary citizen, I will raise my voice against social injustice and for upholding Tamil culture.