'Deivamagal' Vani Bhojan moves to star in 'N4' movie

By Mohammed Rayaan Published on Jul 20, 2018 11:34 AM IST

Thanks to mega serial 'Deivamagal', the character Sathya played by Vani Bhojan has become very popular. The series saw more than 1,400 episodes during its run. Speaking to 'News Today', Vani Bhojan talks about her experience working for the serial and about her debut film 'N4' directed by Lokesh Kumar.

Excerpts from her interview:

Q: Tell us about your experience acting for 'Deivamagal'

A: The serial was a great platform for me to get recognised. It brought me  good name. It wasn't easy to work for more than five years in a serial, yet the experience was absolutely wonderful. Working with such a successful team was great for me. I can never ever forget this in my life (smiles) . The character will always be very close to my heart. Most people I meet call me Sathya (laughs). It's hardly Vani. Some don't even know my real name. But after creating my social media accounts, people have finally, slowly, started to realise that my real name is Vani Bhojan.

Q: How did you prepare yourself for the role before shooting each episode?

A: I really didn't prepare much (laughs). But my director always guided me. He moulded me to get better in my acting. I learned a lot about acting only here. I always wanted the time spent on the set to be fun. I went to the shooting every day like for a picnic. But once the director cued for action, the entire mood inside the set would get serious and people here gave their best. Also, I didn't had much problem practising my lines as I knew the language.

Q: What made you choose N4 as your your debut film? 

A: As of now, I am taking a break from television. Lokesh Kumar one day told me that he wanted to meet me. We met and he narrated the story of the film 'N4'. The way he explained the story was great and I really loved the script. But I guess it will be challenging to do my role. It will involve stepping outside my comfort zone. They are going to shoot at live locations and I am very excited about that.

Q: Will you concentrate on big screen?

A: Going back to television, to be honest, I have not thought about it much as of now. I am on a break and I am really enjoying this break. So, whatever projects I get, I am happy to do it.  TV is also a long-term commitment. If I go back again, I have to be committed to it for at least 2-3 years. For the time being, I felt why not take a break from TV? I also feel people might get bored to see me again on TV.

Q: Who is your role model?

A: Honestly, I don't have a role model. Also, I never thought of to be like someone. I really don't know why. But I would say that my mother always supported me. She is a very strong woman.

Q: Apart from film and TV, are you interested in anything else?

A: I very much love modelling. I love that. I am also very comfortable doing advertisements.