Clean up your act, Bigg Boss 2

By P T Usha Published on Jun 29, 2018 12:48 PM IST

"Remove my shirt. I want to take bath." "Wipe my face. It's wet." - According to the reality show, Bigg Boss 2, these are chores given to a maid (the women contestants) by their ejamans (the male contestants).

Bigg Boss 2, a reality show telecast on a Tamil channel, comes up with tasks that would be compensated with a luxury budget, this week asked its women contestants to act as maids and the male contestants as their employers (ejamans).

It is alright to make the contestants wash vessels, clothes, clean the house, cook for them as a maid (that too for a task). But where in hell are maids asked to remove their ejamans' shirt before they go for a bath? Excuse me?

After all, this is one of the top-rated reality shows and has got huge TRP ratings from Tamil families. Many children watch this programme. Treating a maid in this way will definitely affect a male child's mindset.

The worst part was many women contestants supported the men's demands, except actress Mumtaz. She spiritedly stood up against the demeaning demands of the male contestants. She said with finality that this is not the way to treat a maid. Though she washed the vessels, clothes and cooked endlessly, she said she draws the line with orders like removing the shirt and wiping the face.

But, unlike her, many other women contestants wanted to be sportive about the whole issue. Excuse me again. What is sportive, girls? Setting up a mindset of degrading maids in all possible ways? Then, people are not for it.


"Not only about degrading maids, they also conducted a show on 27 June's episode in which the contestants were supposed to display their talent like dancing, singing, etc. Watching the show, we realised it is not a good idea to do it with your whole family. Especially with children. Also, the way the contestants dress up could be better. I am all for dressing in a modern way. But it should not be provocative, at least not in this show," says Chitra, a housewife, who follows the show regularly.


Every day, it has become the norm for us friends to discuss the show on WhatsApp. We were all upset with Wednesday's episode. Knowing the real mindset of budding male actors' like Mahat and Sendrayan (who asked to wipe their face), Shariq (who asked to remove his shirt) and Daniel made us sad,' says Priyankha, who avidly follows Bigg Boss 2.


The tables were turned on the men on Thursday. They had to do the chores and the ejamanis were the women. The women showed that they had class and gave orders like preparing a meal, cleaning the house, washroom and swimming pool. The men became testy when the women asked them why they were delaying the tea and stuff like that. Aishwarya alone asked Balaji to fan her with a hand fan.