Bigg Boss: When Danny lost his steam

Chennai: "When the house mates get narrowed down, we have no other choice but to back bite about each other's behaviour," said the evicted contestant of Bigg Boss 2, Daniel Anne Pope aka Danny.

He is the ninth contestant to be thrown out of the house. Although he was initially seen as a strong contestant, his behaviour inside the house won him the anger of audience.


Three contestants - Balaji, Danny and Janani were on the eviction list Sunday. This time, Kamal Hassan adapted different methods to announce the eliminated contestant.

At first, eggs were hidden inside five boxes kept on a table. The contestants were asked to open them and whoever found the green egg would be saved. In this task, Balaji got the green egg inside the fifth box and was thus saved.

Another task took place between Janani and Daniel to find out who would be getting evicted. Both contestants were locked inside a booth with five keys hanging near them.

The other contestants were asked to open their locks and whose ever cage gets opened would be evicted. In this game, contestant Sendraayan with the last key opened Daniel's booth, thus bringing Daniels stay in Bigg Boss house to an end.


Danny seemed not so serious with the eviction. He took it sportive. He gave a warm good bye to everyone and came out to meet Kamal Hassan.

During his speech, he said, "Although we try not to speak about anyone, we do not have any other diversions. Particularly, when there is no task and no other work, we have to talk about other contestants and it comes out naturally. With more contestants getting evicted, this is the only thing we can do."

Danny also apologised to people for his behaviour inside the house.

After his eviction, the housemates also discussed how he turned into a 'cunning' participant and was no different than contestant Mahat, who got evicted last week.


However, Danny can still be happy as he will be riding home a bike that he won through one of the tasks in Bigg Boss 2 house.


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