Bigg Boss 2 Tamil: Inmates shocked as Shariq gets evicted

By P T Usha Published on Aug 06, 2018 01:19 PM IST

Shariq in shock, housemates in tears.

In its seventh week, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house saw contestants break into tears Sunday, to express their shock at the youngest inmate being evicted through popular vote.

It was a week that saw nasty scenes as Aishwarya Dutta - as dictator in one of the tasks entrusted to them - kicked up a ruckus and ran roughshod over everyone.

Shariq, son of popular film couple Riyaz Khan and Uma, was nominated in the elimination list for the first time in six weeks.

When show host Kamal Haasan read out the name of Shariq, it sent shock waves inside the Bigg Boss house and the houses of many viewers.

Janani, MahatAishwarya and Yashika, besides Mumtaz, shed tears.

In fact, it was Janani who said she had 'just like that' suggested Shariq's name for eviction for a change. She put her head in her hands when Kamal announced the elimination of Shariq.

They gave an 'emotional farewell' to Shariq. As he walked out, he was received by his mother who expressed happiness in the way Shariq conducted himself inside the house.

Kamal Haasan had a word of advice for the young participant. "Now that you have earned name and fame, the world is open before you. Fight against all odds and make use of whatever you learnt inside the house to succeed in your career," he said.


Kamal Haasan was at his humorous best hosting the reality show this weekend. Quite typical of his rationalist ideas, Kamal Haasan, said, "Calling a man monkey is not demeaning. I am a proud son of a monkey. Anthropology has proved that everyone in humankind arrived from monkey. Darwin should take the credit for it. I can proudly say that I belong to Darwin gothra."

Interestingly, he said for long he felt asking people to vote for him was a shameful thing. "But the idea changed over the years," he said.