Bigg Boss 2 Tamil contestant Ramya's attitude too boring?

By P T Usha Published on Jul 24, 2018 05:35 PM IST

Chennai: "Your attitude in Bigg Boss' house may be boring, but this will make you grow in your personal life" - actor Kamal Hassan, who is also the host of the reality show, Bigg Boss 2 Tamil on Vijay TV, welcomed the recently-evicted contestant N S K Ramya to the stage by saying this.

The fifth eviction process of the show came as quite a shocker to the audience. Many might have thought that Ramya was a strong contestant and may even go till the finals as she always speaks neutrally. Also, she is the one who is not involved in any issues happening inside the house.

But, as a twist to the show, Ramya, who is a singer by profession, got eliminated.

Contestants Balaji, Aishwarya, Ponnambalam, Janani and Ramya were nominated for this week's eviction.

Among them, actresses Aishwarya and Janani and actors Balaji and Ponnambalam were saved by the people. Without maintaining any suspense, Kamal informed Ramya as the evicted contestant which shocked her fellow contestants.

Actresses Mumtaz and Janani Iyer, who are her close friends, felt sad on her elimination.

"It is good to be neutral and not talking behind the person." But that seems to be only in real life. In the Bigg Boss 2 house, it is "boring", even according to the audience.

We cannot blame the show alone that they work for their TRP (television rating point). It is us (people) who expect this kind of sensational show. If they do not expect sensational scenes or if they wanted Ramya to be saved, then they should have voted against her eviction. So, no blaming the show any more, sshhhh shhhh!


Another notable point is that right from the first week, actor Ponnambalam has been nominated for eviction and he is being saved by the people every week. Interestingly, this week, too, the actor has been nominated. Will his luck hold? Let's wait and watch!