Bigg Boss 2 Tamil contestant Aishwarya plays hateful dictator

By P T Usha Published on Aug 01, 2018 11:26 AM IST

"Evict Aishwarya immediately." "Has she lost her mind?" - People took to social media to post their hatred against Bigg Boss 2 Tamil contestant Aishwarya for her arrogant behaviour yesterday..

The contestant, who went high immediately after she was asked to be dictator, threw garbage on fellow contestant Balaji. Further, she also asked to dump another fellow contestant's clothes and medicines in the swimming pool..


This week, contestant Aishwarya was elected captain. Yesterday, for the luxury budget's task, Aishwarya was asked to lead a dictatorship government in the house along with Janani as her advisor and Daniel as her security personnel.

A separate room was given to these three contestants to discuss and frame rules for the task. At the same time, Bigg Boss also relayed what was going in the house and made them watch it.

In the footage, contestants - Balaji, Shariq, Ponnambalam and Rithvika were seen talking about Aishwarya's behaviour and teasing her way of talking. Contestant Shariq said he would burn her statue, which was kept at the house, at the end of the task..

Though this cannot be condoned, there is a way to show one’s anger and being arrogant. Throwing garbage waste, dumping medicines into the pool and being a racist, besides scolding the contestants - seriously? This is never going to make your side of the argument, 'right’, Aishwarya.


Immediately after Aishwarya dumped garbage on Balaji, Mumtaz cried loudly against her arrogant behaviour, saying this was not human, while other contestants watched in horror.


Although she was given the role of dictator, it was very obvious that Aishwarya behaved because of her previous personal grudge against Balaji. If not, why just dump the clothes and other things of Shariq in the swimming pool and throw waste on Balaji? Because, he did not obey what you said, Aishwarya? Even if we agree with all this, why talk derogatorily about Rithvika?


From yesterday, memes and views on social media against Aishwarya are flying thick and fast.


The promo for today's show was beamed last night and the footage shows Sendraayan and Aishwarya quarrelling. Sendraayan even tries to slap her for her behaviour.