Amit Shah's visit: Actor Siddharth says, "Dei arivu ketta makku"

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Jul 09, 2018 02:56 PM IST

Chennai: With the BJP leader Amit Shah visiting the city today for a strategic planning meeting with his party cadres ahead of the 2019 Parliamentary Election polls, Twitter and Facebook burst out with the hashtag #GoBackAmitShah. It is to be noted that a similar hashtag #GoBackModi was trended during Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April this year.

As soon as the hashtag started to trend since Monday morning, actor Siddharth who is known for his social and political activism retweeted the post of a national newspaper and wrote, "The PM was tunneling through IIT to avoid the real #TamilNadu Who knows what the Shah will do. Press conference on the plane?"

Suddenly tweeples supporting BJP started to bash the actor.  Siddharth eventually replied to a few of them.

A user wrote, "Atleast both Mr Shah and Modiji are loved and known to crores of people unlike you small time semi actor." for which the actor replied, "Sorry big time semi person...I'm pretty sure I am known to crores of people too. But then so is every small time semi actor like me. You go drink your shikanji and sing songs for your stupidity. Have a nice day."

As this went on, few more pro-Hindutva tweeples started to slam the actor that he is seeking attention with this. At one point the actor pointed at one's tweet and said, "Dei arivu ketta makku... In which world do people get popularity and money by bashing a politician? Also we are citizens. We point fingers at all culprits. Bjp, nda, upa, ABC, eps, Ups, IAS, mms, wifi etc etc. Now go drink your milk and go to sleep."

Siddharth who has been an actively participating volunteer for people's cause was one of the first celebrities to come forward and work towards the relief of 2015 Chennai flood victims.