Aishwarya's antics on Bigg Boss 2 Tamil earns audience wrath

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Aug 02, 2018 10:52 AM IST

Aishwarya-Sendrayan clash

Chennai: The Bigg Boss 2 Tamil reality show has left a bad taste in the mouth of audience as the antics of Aishwarya Dutta as dictator inside the house has kicked up a controversy.

A few on social media had even questioned if Kamal Haasan host such a show that demeans the rest of the contestants inside the house.

As the task began Monday, Aishwarya and her adviser Janani and security Daniel were shown a clip where the inmates were commenting about Aishwarya.

Balaji, Rithvika, Shariq, and Ponnambalam were seen talking about her. A furious Aishwarya using her dictator powers to throw garbage on Balaji, dump the dresses and medicines of Rithvika and Shariq in the swimming pool.

Aishwarya seething with anger.

Even before the anger of the audience come down, in yesterday's show, Aishwarya went a step ahead and targetted Sendrayan. He was pulled up for everything right from sipping his cup of tea. Rithvika was made to dance for some fast moves. On Aishwarya's orders, the participants were made to starve too.

Such dramatics on the small screen has angered netizens.

Krishi tweeted Aishwarya is getting revenge on everyone for no good reason!! Anyone who respects her after this, are the biggest idiot!! #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil2

Yamini, a young mother, tweeted, "My daughter asked me , mom you told me that if anyone do bad things to us we should politely handle it and we hv convey them we have hurted and not to repeat. bt this sister aish did in a diff way. which is correct she asked me."

Aishwarya trying to noisily wake up Balaji.

Says Priya, a huge fan of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, "People gossip inside the house. It was the same during the first episode too. But taking revenge for that in such a fashion is disgusting. Violent content on small screen should be stopped."