Actor Vijay Sethupathi turns 75 for 'Seethakadhi'

By M Bharat Kumar Published on Jul 18, 2018 05:34 PM IST


Actor Vijay Sethupathi is known for trying innovative things on screen. After playing a transgender in 'Super Deluxe', the actor has chosen to don the role of a 75-year-old man in 'Seethakadhi'. Directing the film is Balaji Tharanitharan.

Speaking about the movie, Balaji says, "It is challenging movie. No sooner we decided that Vijay Sethupathi will play a senior citizen, we decided that his make-up should be realistic. Prosthetic make-up has grown in leaps and bounds."

"Hollywood make-up artiste Kevin Henly, who won Oscar for 'Driving Miss Daisy' was roped in. We went to Los Angeles and met him. We came out with a mould and a special wig," said the director.

It will take at least five hours for Vijay Sethupathi to get ready with the make-up. But, he will patiently go through the process, said Balaji Tharanitharan, and added, "Even the Hollywood technicians marvelled at his patience."

Says the filmmaker, "Vijay Sethupathi enjoys what he does. All through the shoot, he imagined himself as a 75-year-old man on the sets. He walked and spoke like an old man. All technicians were floored by his performance."

He underwent great pain during the shoot, but did not show it.

"All Vijay Sethupathi wanted was the movie to come out well," says Balaji  Tharanitharan.