Actor Karthik talks about acting with his son

“As an actor, I am still learning. Cinema is my passion and I would love to work with any filmmaker who tells me a story in which my character is unique,” says veteran actor Karthik.

The poster boy of Tamil cinema in 1980s, Karthik was known for his romantic portrayals then. After an interval, he is back to play the lead role in Mr Chandramouli, that hit the screens on Friday.

Speaking to News Today, Karthik, says, “I am happy to share the screen with my son in Mr Chandramouli. When I entered cinema, I always dreamt of doing a movie with my dad (Muthuraman). Unfortunately it did not happen. I am happy for Gautham Karthik today.”

Excerpts from his interview:

Q: How do you see the actor in Gautham Karthik?

A: I see him as a fast learner. I have been watching him from his first film and he is good at handling emotional scenes. It was a pleasure to share screen with him. I am confident that he will go places. I would love to see my son doing my role from Varusham 16 and Gokulathil Seethai.

Q: On accepting to act in Mr Chandramouli?

A: Gautham Karthik will discuss about films with me. He told me to listen to director Thiru’s script and felt it was really my kind of movie. He was right, it wasn’t a cliched role and that is what I loved the most about it.

Q: Your advice to film personalities entering politics...

A: Anybody can come to politics. But they should dedicate their full time for public life. I learnt it in a hard way.

Q: Is your party (Naadalum Makkal Katchi) ready to contest 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

A: I haven’t decided yet. I am away from politics for some time. But I have been closely watching political developments in the State for past couple of years. I am pulled towards public life again. My party is still there. I will take right decision at the right time.


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