Jaadu ki jhappi

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 21, 2018 03:45 PM IST

The no-confidence motion against the NDA government was finally defeated in the Lok Sabha after a marathon debate. They managed 325 votes that included the support of the TRS and AIADMK. With just a few months to go for Lok Sabha polls, this is seen as a moral victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There were heated debates, arguments and finger-pointing at each other. But the picture of the day was no doubt Congress president Rahul Gandhi giving Modi a warm hug in Parliament. Subsequently, Rahul Gandhi said, "You might have anger for me. You might call me names, call me Pappu, but I will remove this feeling from you."

The act of Rahul Gandhi may have brought cheer to his supporters, but he failed to understand that he was in Parliament and it has rules. The subsequent wink at his MPs after hugging Modi saw social media go berserk. Hashtags trended, memes were created, jokes were made, and some disapproving eyebrows raised as well.

If the forenoon belonged to Rahul, it was Modi who walked away with a smile finally. Modi said he was, in fact, a partner in the aspirations of the people. He said he was neither a ‘saudagar’ (trader), nor a ‘thekedar’ (contractor) like the Congress. The Prime Minister said the Congress had misused the no-confidence motion to spread instability in the country to ensure that the Gandhi family remains in power. The political battle seems to have begun and will get intense in the coming months.