Youngster in suburb aims to donate blood 100 times

By Konda Somna Published on Oct 14, 2017 05:13 PM IST

Chennai: At a time there is a clarion call for people to come forward and donate blood to help those in need, here is a person from Krishna Nagar, East Tambaram, in the city suburb, who has donated blood a 100 times.

Twenty-seven-year-old Vignesh Ramalingam works as a senior technician in a company that make water purifiers and is well-known as a blood donor.

Narrating how he become a blood donor, he says, ‘"When I was 17 years old, I was working in a government hospital, where I saw one person in dire need of blood. I volunteered to donate, but was rejected because I was under-age. That was when I set a target to donate blood at least 100 times."

Vignesh made his first donation on the eve of his 18th birthday and only then he knew that his blood group was A1 positive.

From then on, he started to donate blood once every three months.  ‘"The importance of donating blood and being able to save lives is beyond words and if we can get more people to donate blood, then we are fulfilling our duty towards our community and India as a whole,’" he says. Apart from his donating blood, Vignesh has been urging other people also to donate blood.

He achieved something big after getting in contact with Karthik from Coimbatore. ‘Ilavasa Rattavangi Kuzhu’, a WhatsApp group for blood donors was created by them.

This helps hospitals and blood banks connect with donors quickly. Udaya, a resident of Chitlapakkam, said the moment a hospital or blood bank needed blood, they could send out information through the group.

This WhatsApp group has several active members across Tamilnadu and over 500 donors hailing from Chennai. ‘A volunteer who can respond quickly is the need of this group for saving lives.

"Our friend Vignesh is a passionate donor who even maintains a diary noting the blood groups of all his friends and acquaintances,"’ says Udaya.

"‘It'’s not an easy task to coordinate among the donors and hospitals, especially during emergencies. Sometimes, we have to make our profession secondary for this noble cause. On an average day, we receive calls from at least 20 people asking for blood. There might be a necessity of 40 units of blood a day. Handling this requires good contacts,"’ says Vignesh.

Talking about awareness on blood donations in India, he says volunteers should be encouraged as every drop of blood could save not one life but many lives.

Believing that visual pictures impact more than words, Vignesh has also acted in a few short films contradicting the general misconceptions about blood donation and creating awareness on the benefits of donating blood.

Interested blood donors can contact Vignesh at 90436 61769.